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This is a great event to show off our dogs hunting ability and the handlers shooting ability. Each contestant starts with a dog, 5 shells and 10 minutes to get 3 chukars on an open cheat-grass and sagebrush covered hill. The event is open to all current GSPC of Idaho and affiliated clubs' members such as our Hunt Test partners - the Idaho Brittany Club.

The scoring is based on 20 points for each bird that is pointed (60 max), 10 points for each bird shot on the wing (30 max), 5 points for each bird retrieved (15 max), 1 point for each shell not used, remaining minutes and seconds left within the 10 minute limit used as the tie breaker. Only 1 contestant is allowed in the bird field at a time.

Each year we have a great group of volunteers who donate their time and expertise to judge, plant birds, prepare and serve lunch and do all the little things required to make this annual club event a success. We want to thank all of them for their service.

2017 Results

Open Division 2017 Results

Open Division

1st Place - Jeremy Voss with Mandy

2nd Place - Pat O'Kief with Koa

3rd Place - Bill Simpson/Gary Moen with Woodie

4th Place - Steve Arnold with Tucker


Derby Division 2017 Results


Derby Division

1st Place - Bill Simpson with Bernie

2nd Place - Pat O'Kief with Koa

3rd Place - John Baglien with Jasper

4th Place - withheld