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About Us

Established in 1959, the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho (GSPCI) is dedicated to the betterment of this sporting breed and the  preservation of its natural abilities and standards.  The GSPCI promotes ethical breeding and responsible ownership and training, through education, competitive events, and the sport of upland game bird hunting.  Camaraderie, safety and sportsmanlike behavior exemplify the membership of the GSPCI. The club welcomes all recognized pointing breeds, provides opportunities for owners to enhance their skills, facilitates training during summer months, and conducts club and AKC events throughout the year.  We consistently maintain a membership close to 100 members each year.


A majority of our club members are upland game hunters... probably since we live in the best chukar hunting country in the USA.


We welcome new members and always enjoy seeing a new dog and all it has to offer.

JOIN TODAY: Simply read our by-laws, fill out our membership form, and start attending our club events!

Why Join the GSPC Of Idaho

Many people join our club for many different reasons.  Some come because they have a new pup and want to learn how to train and handle a pointer.  Most though stay because of the wonderful members and friendships that are established with our common interest.

The GSPCI also has so many different things going on.  We have offer summer training seminars, have monthly meetings from September through May, invite guest speakers, host hunt test and field trials, and have wonderful club events such as the summer picnic with sporting clay shooting and a water retrieve.


My original intent in joining the GSPCI was to learn how to handle and train a pointing dog. My previous pointing dog was trained by a professional but I did not fully appreciate all that she was taught let alone how to handle her. Upon selecting my GSP puppy, I decided to seek the help of others who are passionate about their dogs and training. GSPCI is just such an organization and the advice, help and camaraderie have been a real joy. I had no intention of entering my dog in competitive events thinking all I wanted was a great hunting companion. It did not take long for a competitive spark to ignite and I look forward to running my dog in club and AKC events. It is very rewarding to have a team (all those who have helped with your progression) cheering you on. I am becoming a better handler and my dog has learned a great deal.” -K2
"The GSPCI is the only Pointing Dog Club in Idaho that offers a comprehensive program for Gun Dog and Hunt Test training. It is through the generosity of club members who give countless hours of their time that this can be accomplished.
" -Dick

"I was standing in my yard holding this amazing little ball of energy; it wiggled, whined and licked my hands. I had decided to name it Zealot. Probably like any first time GSP owner I couldn’t take my eyes off of her even after I put her down and she roamed the yard. I watched as she walked and when she paused my pulse quickened, I told myself to relax, I was trying to see a “point” in her every hesitation. This was also the point when I started to feel insecure about my abilities to train my first pointing dog. I’ve read the books, watched the videos and talked to anyone that would tolerate my obsessive questioning about training. Heck I’ve trained hawks to fly across auditoriums; I was a falconer, trained flushing dogs and many other dogs to do tricks. But still, while standing there watching this beautiful little pup I knew I needed help!

This was when I turned to the Summer Training sessions provided by the wonderful volunteers with the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho. I knew I was going to train my pup myself but I needed more advice, people that would encourage me, some experienced eyes that would watch my progress and give constructive advice. Driving up to the line of trucks at that first meeting I knew I was going to attend these sessions to train myself much more than my dog. I found all this and much more that first summer. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about training pointing dogs but I ended the summer knowing lots of good people I could turn to with questions and even a couple new friends." - Karl

"GSPC Idaho provides the camaraderie and assistance to make for better bird dogs and better owners." -Tom

"I trained by first pointing dog by myself. I made mistakes and found I needed help. No matter what book I read, I was not prepared for the many ways things could go wrong in the training process. Thanks to GSPCI, over the years, I have had access to training grounds, birds, and training equipment. However, most valuable of all, has been the help and advice of other pointing dog owners and hunters on successful training techniques. I now enjoy my dog all year round in club events, not just during hunting season." -David

"I originally joined the GSPCI in 1999 to figure out if I had a "hunting" dog and to see if I could train this dog for my occasional forays in the field. What I ended up getting was a vast education in hunting dog breeds, training methods and ever improving know how, and a camaraderie () with like minded bird hunters. My occasional forays have turned into an obsession and my dog has surpassed my expectations!" -Ron

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho
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