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Ammertal's Lancer D


Ammertal’s Lancer D (2/22/70 – 5/16/84), German Shorthaired Pointer Male, FDSB # 910791, was bred by Gary Stevens of Boise, Idaho, the product of a mating of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (AKC) 1968 National Field Trial Champion Thalberg’s Seagraves Chayne to Field Champion Ammertals Kitt V Shinback.  Ammertal’s Lancer D, owned by Jim Reed of Boise, Idaho, and handled to all his wins by Dave McGinnis of Meridian, Idaho, is one of the all time leading sires in the German Shorthaired Pointer breed.


The Field Dog Stud Book reflects that Ammertal’s Lancer D had 15 wins in National German Shorthaired Pointer Association (NGSPA) American Field All-Age competition which include winning the 1975 NGSPA National Championship.  His American Field registered get reflects 47 dogs with 259 wins and placements.  These wins include a NGSPA Futurity placement, and five American Field Champions which include Erlicher Abe who won the NGSPA National Championship in 1980 and 1981 as well as the National German Pointing Dog All-Age Championship in 1981.


Ammertal’s Lancer D was campaigned extensively in American Kennel Club competition.  He obtained his Field Championship in 1973, and placed third in the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (GSPCA) National All-Age Championships in 1973 and 1977.  Jim Reed recalled during one-eight week period Lancer D ran in 8 consecutive all age stakes in 8 separate states; he won 7 of these trials and was runner-up in the other.


When Lancer D was retired from field trial competition at 6 years of age, he was the number four all-time producing sire.  He sired 25 American Kennel Club Field Champions, 5 Amateur Field Champions, 3 show champions, 2 dual champions, and 2 Canadian Field Champions.  His get includes Frulords Tim, the 1976 GSPCA National All-Age Champion, Ehrlicher Abe, the 1982 GSPCA National All-Age Champion; and Lancer’s Royal Scout, the 1982 GSPCA Gun Dog Champion.  Ammertal’s Lancer D was elected to the GSPCA Field Trial Hall of Fame in 1984.


Ammertal’s Lancer D had an extensive influence on the German Shorthaired Pointer breed not only as a field trial dog but also as a sire of winning dogs.   His name can be found in the pedigree of winning dogs for several generations.  His selection to the German Shorthaired Pointer Field Trial Hall of Fame brings one final accolade to an outstanding Shorthair.

Ehrlicher Abe


Dual Champion Ehrlicher Abe (2/7/76 – 5/21/1990), German Shorthaired Pointer male was whelped December 7, 1976, out of mating of Ammertal’s Lancer D and Misty fer Gitunburds.  Abe was bred by Paul and Deana Ashley of Boise, Idaho, owned by Linda A. Cross of Boise, Idaho, and handled to the majority of his wins by the late Dave McGinnis of Meridian, Idaho.

Ehrlicher Abe was an impressive young dog.  His owner, Linda Cross, handled Abe to an early win in the National German Shorthaired Pointer Association, Inc. (NGSPA) American Field 1978 NGSPA Region 9 Derby Classic.  Under the whistle of John Rabidou, Abe followed this with a win of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (GSPC) American Kennel Club National Futurity.

This dog had an excellent winning record in major all-age Shorthair competition.  In 1980 he won the NGSPA National Championship and won the same prestigious championship in 1981.  He also annexed the title in 1981 of National German Pointing Dog Association (American Field) National All-Age Champion.  In 1981 he was the number one Shorthair All-Age Dog of the Year.  He attained his AKC Field Championship in 1980 and his AKC Show Championship in 1981.  In 1982 Abe’s accomplishments included winning the GSPCA National All-Age Championship and the NGSPA Chukar Association All-Age Championship.

In American Field competition Ehrlicher Abe had 19 wins and sired 32 dogs with 127 wins and placements.  Abe also sired 10 AKC Field Trial Champions, one AKC Amateur Field Trial Champion, 6 AKC Show champions, and two AKC Dual champions.  His get included three national futurity placements, two national field trial placements, and he sired the 1989 GSPCA Gun Dog of the Year.  Equally importantly, Ehrlicher Abe was extremely prepotent with his great grand get annexing numerous Shorthair titles.

Linda Cross described Abe as a great one-of-a-kind dog.  He was not only an outstanding field trial dog but one that allowed her to make numerous life time field trial friends throughout the United States.

Ammertals Kitt Von Shinback


Ammertals Kitt Von Shinback (01/7/1967 to 12/9/1980), FDSB # 934927, was the product from a mating of Esser’s Chick and Melissa V Gref. Kitt was bred and originally owned by John Hulcey of Notus, Idaho. When she was almost 4 years old, she was attacked by another dog. When her wounds became infected, John wanted to put her down. Gary and Carolyn Stevens of Caldwell, Idaho, convinced John to let him have her. He and Carolyn then nursed Kitt back to health and then placed her with Dave McGinnis, a professional trainer. Dave won the National German Pointing Dog Shooting Dog Championship with Kitt in 1972.

Gary started running her in broke dog stakes, and Kitt finished her American Kennel Club Field Championship in 1972 and her Amateur Field Championship in 1976. In 1973 Kitt was the number four amateur field trial dog in the nation. She was consistently in the winner’s circle with 70% of her placements as firsts or seconds. 

Kitt was an extremely strong dam and passed her ability down to her progeny. She was bred to several different males and produced field champions out of each of them. She produced seven American Field Champions and three Amateur Field Champions. Her get annexed the titles of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (AKC) All-Age Champion and the National German Shorthaired Pointer Association (NGSPA) National Champion. Five of her get placed in the AKC National Championship trials and four of her get placed in the American Field Championship trials. She produced one AKC Futurity winner and one NGSPA Futurity winner along with other dogs that placed in these futurities.

Kitt is the Grand Dam of four Dual Champions, 38 Field and Amateur Field Champions, six Show Champions, three AKC National Champions, five NGSPA National Champions, and one AKC Futurity Winner. Her son, Ammertals Lancer D, was elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2011, and her grandson Ehrlichers Abe, was elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2012. Even this year, 34 years after her death, there are dogs with Kitt in their pedigree running in the Shorthair National Championships.

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