NSTRA Double Double: March 24 & 25 - CANCELED

The annual GSPCI Chukar Double Double will be canceled until further notice. As of January 2018 the current grounds at Jump Creek have been identified as a Sage Grouse conservation area (Lekking Grounds). From March 15th thru May 1st the grounds can only be used from 9AM and 6PM and have to be vacated from 6PM to 9AM. That means no camping and not enough time to run all of the braces. In addition to the grounds issue, Idaho Department of Lands has increased the permit cost and we are short dogs and judges. We are working hard to identify potential grounds to hold the event at a later date. We apologize for the late notice and we feel we’ve done everything in our power to find a solution. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to identify grounds that are adequate enough to execute a successful trial.

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